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Rehab & Recovery

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Personal Training

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Atlantis Recovery Centre is a purpose built, all abilities accessible gym with a strong focus on helping people from all areas of the community achieve their goals. By strategically designing an environment that is conducive to achieving positive results in people with varying ability levels, mental health status and learning styles, our aim is to create a space whereby members of the community that may experience hardship in a standard (crowded) commercial gym setting can still have access to evidence based exercise programs and on site allied health professionals.

The A.R.C gym is wheelchair accessible, as well as having left and right-handed shower and toilet facilities designed to be utilised by customers from all physical and cognitive ability levels, is restricted to a minimal number of clients at a time to prevent overcrowding exacerbated anxiety and create an easy to use, supervised training model.

All trainers are first aid, CPR and mental health first aid qualified, and hold all relevant qualifications and association memberships to operate as registered personal trainers within Australia.

A.R.C is committed to continued integration with community innitiatives such as the NDIS and client case managers to provide targeted, goal-oriented support throughout our customers training journey. A.R.C also has on site allied health service providers operating from custom built offices within the premises allowing our customers to utilise their private health funds and GP referred EPC plans while receiving the highest level of treatment and adhering to the latest clinical research.

A.R.C has a dedication to continued education and maintains a diligent connection to helping staff stay current. As such, all staff members are afforded the opportunity to develop their skills through professional development and community integration.

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Rehabilitation & Recovery

Allied health - In order to provide the absolute highest quality service, A.R.C has two treatment rooms dedicated to providing allied health services to our customers. Whether you’re in need of acute injury rehabilitation, evidence based exercise prescription for chronic illness, development of motor function, sensory activity, strength and conditioning or performance progression; our skilled and friendly team is here to help you achieve your goals.

Personal & Corporate Training

Our Personal Trainers have experience in helping all sorts of people achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you want to lose a little or a lot of weight, tone up or build muscle, train for a specific sport/event or just want to be fit for everyday life. We understand that everyone is not the same and there is no one size fits all. Everyone has different goals and react differently to various training and nutrition. That’s why we customise every session towards helping you achieve your individual goals.

Clinical Hydrotherapy

We have designed a tailored space for you to enjoy all the benefits of clinically oriented hydrotherapy sessions in a supervised environment that suits your needs. Weather you are recovering from an injury, rehabilitating after orthopaedic surgery, wanting to reduce pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, increase strength, mobility, co-ordination or increase cardiovascular fitness in a low impact, non load bearing, private environment.

"Highly recommend both Adam and Kasey to anyone wanting to get fitter but who need a helping hand getting started as these guys are the best. "

Gill Lawson


"Couldn't think of a better family to run this gym, they love health and fitness, definitely try it out!"

Neil Speers


"Brand new and state of the art equipment - great vibe and personalised training"

Sharon Jordan