Want to know where Tammy’s new app was filmed? It’s more than just a gym

You may wonder where Tammy trains most days… a large chain gym, a smaller boutique gym or a completely custom home gym setup… she’s tried it all. While working on the development of her soon to be released app, Tammy discovered Arc at Robina and after meeting their team decided that it was the perfect place for the app to be filmed. Not only is this a fantastic private training studio, it also has a fantastic story that we wanted to share.

Kasey Evans, manager at Atlantis Recovery Centre is using her own personal journey to help people battle depression and anxiety through fitness. The mantra, ‘Strength comes from within’ has a personal meaning to her family. Having suffered from depression and suicidal tendencies from around 13 years old, Kasey started attending her Dad’s training sessions and realised the benefit training was having on her mental health by engaging in positive communication and helping Kasey to achieve her goals. Realising the positive impact, Kasey decided complete a Cert III and IV in Personal Training so she could help others with their journey.

We asked Kasey how exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

“As exercise produces chemicals such as endorphins, people can begin to enjoy improved wellbeing and vitality. It would be unimaginable to break a limb and do nothing about it, so we must begin to see our mental health and wellbeing in the same light as other health conditions,” Kasey said.

The mission at Arc is to create a holistic health and wellbeing studio offering personalised 1:1 fitness coaching in their private studio.

“At Atlantis Recovery Centre our mission is to specialise in life-changing fitness by working not just on the outside but on the inside by inspiring and empowering our clients to build strength from within due to the mind-body connection between mental and physical health,” Kasey said.

So not only is the equipment state of the art, the environment is super positive and can be tailored to suit anyone’s needs. Being so close to the office, it’s accessible to all the girls in the team and even though we’re not all as knowledgeable about fitness as Tammy, we can tailor our workouts easily and comfortably.

It’s also awesome that we don’t have to wait in line or feel uncomfortable in a crowded gym, there’s amazing yoga classes and we really want to try the new custom-built underwater treadmills that are coming soon. If you have any injuries and are looking to return to exercise after some time off, they also work hand in hand with top Gold Coast physios to provide pre-habilitation and rehabilitation as a result of injury or disability.

We feel like we’ve found something special at Arc, so if you live nearby and are looking for somewhere private and specialised to train, call Kasey and the team and don’t forget to tell them the Saski Girls sent you, to take advantage of a special introductory offer.

Saski Collection


I have been training with Adam for about a year, doing primarily weights training and had my first HIIT session with Kasey not long after. As someone who normally hates anything to do with cardio, I was a bit apprehensive. Instead I actually really enjoyed the session. Kasey is the most incredibly patient and upbeat trainer, setting me exercises that suit my ability and allowed me to go at my own pace. I surprised myself with how much I accomplished and how good I felt afterwards. Totally keen to get back in and train with her again. Big thumbs up, highly recommend both Adam and Kasey to anyone wanting to get fitter but who need a helping hand getting started as these guys are the best.

Gill Lawson


Couldn’t think of a better family to run this gym, they love health and fitness, definitely try it out!

Neil Speers


Brand new and state of the art equipment – great vibe and personalised training

Sharon Jordan